Cradle to Cradle Design for the Circular Economy

May 07, 2022

Cradle to Cradle Design for the Circular Economy

歐華酒店 台北市中山區林森北路646號

2022亞太區域校友線上/實體會議首次於台北登場。5/7早上09:00 的場次於台北歐華飯店展開與全球連線的實體場次,首次與亞太地區各地校友會(香港、孟買、澳洲、新加坡、北京、上海、深圳、馬來西亞、泰國)串連開展一系列活動。各地校友們透過精心策畫主題,呼應母校領銜的議題 From the Hill: A Bridge to the World與Cornell in the World。台北5/7一早的實體場次,主題為"再生循環經濟" Cradle to Cradle Design for the Circular Economy,邀請了在地青年才俊建築校友黃謙智學長 Arthur Huang,和康大建築系教授Felix Heisel發表投入循環經濟多年的成果心得,Arthur將實地導覽鄰近的"環生方舟"EcoARK。本場次由本屆校友會會長、建築校友蔡清徽學長Freda Tsai擔任主持。會議場地設於由美國綠建築協會認證黃金級(營運類)的台北歐華酒店,飯店總經理Jack Ho也是康大校友,將親自導覽說明綠建築特色。


Hosted by Cornell University Taiwan Alumni Association

Date: May 7, 2022. 9-11:30am


Heisel, Director of the Circular Construction Lab

Arthur Huang ‘02, Founder and CEO of MINIWIZ; 2021 GFHS award Global Model Of Green Technology; 2019 OBAMA Foundation Emerging leaders; 2019 Davos Forum The Circulars Award Program (Runner-Up), WEF; 2019 Vatican Award for science/ecology/architecture; 2016 Emerging Explorer, National Geographic

Freda Tsai B Arch' 90, President of Cornell Alumni Association of Taiwan, LEED AP professional, and former GM of TAIPEI 101 in charge of record score recertification of LEED Platinum.

This program features a dialogue between two Big Red waste building experts – Professor Felix Heisel and Arthur Huang ‘02. The author of the book Building from Waste: Recovered Material in Architecture and Construction, professor Heisel joined AAP from Zurich where he had been an architect and research academic. At Cornell, he is pioneering the Construction Lab where he and his team are reshaping the future of the construction economy, aimed at incorporating the 4R's - reduce, reuse, recycle, and recover - into the new path of architecture education. reverse the “take, make, waste” attitude of the industrial age.

Arthur Huang, a highly energetic and original designer in his heuristic approach to waste redesign, was not yet 30-years-of-age when he built the EcoARK in Taipei, the world’s most sustainable building constructed out of 1.5 million recycled plastic bottles. Since then, he has won numerous significant awards and drew global attention as a leading advocate and architect of waste architecture hailing from Asia.

After its 2010 debut for the Flower Expo in Taipei, EcoARK Taipei has been a top pick for art exhibitions and trend-setting events. The building is more than PET bottle modular; it envelops an attractive column-free space famed by natural light, truss-beam roofs and cooling water. Arthur will discuss the design and construction of the building.

CAAT president Freda Tsai, B Arch' 90, LEED Accredited Professional and former General Manager of TAIPEI 101 will moderate what promises to be one of the most enlightening conversations on the topic. After the virtual segment with Professor Heisel, Arthur will personally lead a tour of EcoARK for local participants.