Community Building Alumni Connect

December 23, 2023

Community Building Alumni Connect



本年度最後一場校友聯誼分享,訂於2023年12月23日(週六)下午。 兩位分享人已各別成立了台北校友Chapter/小組,此際公告並號召成員,期望能深化康大人在地的連結。

CHS-Taiwan Chapter Representative
葛世中 David Ko MMH Cornell, BA in Economics from UC Berkeley
Hasmore Restaurant Group, Executive Vice President
• Cornell Hotel Society - Taiwan Chapter, Vice President
• Hasmore Restaurant Group, Board of Directors
• 25+ years of experience in the Hospitality Industry in the USA, Greater China, Japan, and Southeast Asia regions.

CBS Taipei Representative
楊岡 Albert Young MEng 86
Professor of MBA Classes, National Taiwan Normal University 台師大管理學院教授
• 30 years of international experience. M&A professional, with Shell and Alstom. Unique know-how in negotiations between international partners.
• Born in Taiwan, grown up in Europe, educated in the U.S, now based in Switzerland and Taiwan.

地點: 台北美崙飯店2樓會議廳 (捷運大安站) 台北市大安區復興南路一段317號

16:15-16:30pm 旅館管理學院台北分會代表 CHS-Taipei Chapter
葛世中 David Ko
16:25-16:30pm 換場 (Break)
16:30-17:00pm 康大查經班台北小組 CBS-Taipei
楊岡 Albert Young : 從台北到台北: 我的一些人生經驗
17:00-17:30pm Q&A mingle