Board of Directors

2023 Board of Directors

Name Board of Directors Current Post
Jennifer Huang Honorary Chair Chairman and President of Hotung Group
Freda Tsai Chair Associate Professor of NTUST Architecture
Hsiao-Wei Yuan Deputy Chair Professor and VP of International Affairs, National Taiwan University
Richard Mo Executive Director Chairman of MAA GROUP Consulting Engineers
James Chiao Director President of Taiwan Smart Solutions Association
John Tsai Director Vice-Chairman of Kingstown Bank
Chris Chao Director Partner & Director of Team 97, Bio architecture Formosana(BaF)
Patrick Hsieh Director Professor of Civil Engineering and BIM Center Director, National Taiwan University
Jimmy Chen Director CEO of King Quality Enterprise Co.
Wei-Chieh Lin Director Licensed Architect Partner
Wen-Ren Chong Supervisor CYCU Distinguished Professor and Director of Office of Information Technology
Meiyu Fang Supervisor Professor of National Central University, Graduate Institute of Human Resource Management
Anya Chang Supervisor Executive Director of DBS Bank

2021 Board of Directors

Honorary Chairman and Chair of Cornell Alumni Admissions Ambassador Network (CAAAN Taiwan): Jennifer Hwang
Club Chair: Freda Tsai | Vice Chair: Hsiao-Wei Yuan | Board of Directors: Chris Chao, James Chiao, Patrick Hsieh,
Ching-Fu Lin, Wei-Jie Lin, John Tsai
Overseers: Wen-Ren Chong, Meiyu Fang, Pearl Lin | General Secretary: Hsiao-Wei Huang
Past Club Chairmans: Patrick Chiu, Jennifer Huang, Rick Tsai, Bao-Ji Chen, Hsiang-Tang Ke, Huang Hui