Alumni Association History

(Partially based on Wikipedia)
I would found an institution where any person can find instruction in any study - Ezra Cornell, 1865 

Cornell University is a long-established institution with legacy and history. Established in 1868, October 7 with the half-million grant and acres of farmland in Ithaca, NY donated by U.S Senator Ezra Cornell, Senator Andrew Dickson White became the first appointed university president.

The University takes pride in an impressive name list of Chinese alumni, from early turn-of-the-twentieth century scholars as Hu, Shi-Zhi Hu and Zhao, Yuan-Ren to recent years past and present Taiwan presidents, Lee Teng-Hui and Tsai, Ying-Wen. The university is well represented by outstanding alumni in all sectors and professional fields. Thanks to Cornell University graduates and alumni for carrying the school banner long and well by both contributing to the local community and supporting our Alma Mater.

The Cornell alumni community in Taiwan has been part of the ongoing effort by the university in recruiting alumni to participate in the admissions process. Through CAAAN (Cornell Alumni Admission Ambassador Network) Taiwan, the local alumni community maintains close ties with the University and becomes an extended arm of the Ithaca campus. We are honored to belong to this 150 year-old legacy, and to have joined the global family of Cornellians. In order to better serve inter-generational  alumni community, a group headed by National Taiwan University professor alumni took the lead in founding an officially registered Alumni Club entity. We have thus received approval of registration in Jan 1, 2021.