Cornell Alumni Association of Taiwan

The Club has been around for many years. Now we are an official registered NGO entity since 2021 January 1. (MOI Registration #1100001510 & Tax Number # 88168812)

Cornell Club of Taiwan Founding Mission:

1. Promote intergenerational alumni network. By strengthening our ties with our Alma Mater, local and regional alumni, the Club aims to better serve our University and Taiwan alumni community. Thorugh events and knowledge exchange networking session, we make the Big Red presence felt and kindred spirit warm.

2. Draw participation from all alumni to ensure event self-funding and Club's financial sustainability. Themed talks and professional networking rendezvous will be hosted by both the Club and school cohorts all year around.

3. Promote exchange with Ivy League Clubs and other schools by co-hosting & joining events such as Ivy Ball, 101 Run-Up Race, Dragon Boat Race, Mixers, etc..

4. Serve our local Cornell community by disseminating event notice and news from time to time.

All club events are open to registration by Cornell alumni or alumni on behalf of non-alumni participants. Welcome all alumni who are non-club members to join events. Should you be interested to become an official member of the Club, please attend the event in person and provide us with information as required by the government. Membership is subject to annual renewal; there will be no life membership offered, neither will enrollment via emails be accepted. Thank you!

2023 Board of Directors

Honorary Chairman and Chair of Cornell Alumni Admissions Ambassador Network (CAAAN Taiwan): Jennifer Hwang | Club Chair: Freda Tsai | Vice Chair: Hsiao-Wei Yuan | Executive Director: Richard Moh | Board of Directors: Wei-Chieh Lin, Jimmy Chen, James Chiao, Chris Chao, John Tsai, Patrick Hsieh (in the order of Chinese last name strokes) | Executive Supervisor: Wen-Ren Chong | Board of Supervisors: Meiyu Fang, Anya Chang | General Secretary: Hsiao-Wei Huang

2021 Board of Directors

Honorary Chairman and Chair of Cornell Alumni Admissions Ambassador Network (CAAAN Taiwan): Jennifer Hwang | Club Chair: Freda Tsai | Vice Chair: Hsiao-Wei Yuan | Board of Directors: Chris Chao, James Chiao, Patrick Hsieh, Ching-Fu Lin, Wei-Jie Lin, John Tsai | Overseers: Wen-Ren Chong, Meiyu Fang, Pearl Lin | General Secretary: Hsiao-Wei Huang | Past Club Chairmans: Patrick Chiu, Jennifer Huang, Rick Tsai, Bao-Ji Chen, Hsiang-Tang Ke

Alumni Association History

(Partially based on Wikipedia)
I would found an institution where any person can find instruction in any study - Ezra Cornell, 1865 

Cornell University is a long-established institution with legacy and history. Established in 1868, October 7 with the half-million grant and acres of farmland in Ithaca, NY donated by U.S Senator Ezra Cornell, Senator Andrew Dickson White became the first appointed university president.

The University takes pride in an impressive name list of Chinese alumni, from early turn-of-the-twentieth century scholars as Hu, Shi-Zhi Hu and Zhao, Yuan-Ren to recent years past and present Taiwan presidents, Lee Teng-Hui and Tsai, Ying-Wen. The university is well represented by outstanding alumni in all sectors and professional fields. Thanks to Cornell University graduates and alumni for carrying the school banner long and well by both contributing to the local community and supporting our Alma Mater.

The Cornell alumni community in Taiwan has been part of the ongoing effort by the university in recruiting alumni to participate in the admissions process. Through CAAAN (Cornell Alumni Admission Ambassador Network) Taiwan, the local alumni community maintains close ties with the University and becomes an extended arm of the Ithaca campus. We are honored to belong to this 150 year-old legacy, and to have joined the global family of Cornellians. In order to better serve inter-generational  alumni community, a group headed by National Taiwan University professor alumni took the lead in founding an officially registered Alumni Club entity. We have thus received approval of registration in Jan 1, 2021.


Donation Account information:
FIRST BANK Muzha Branch
Account 194-10-032759
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